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Ana Perrone

Voted one of the best microblading artists in the United States, Ana is the only one in the U.S.A. holding 3 certificates from all major international microblading schools; Phibrows, Biotek and Swiss Color®. With 18 years of experience, in Brazil and U.S.A., Ana is the creator of the number one most downloaded Microblading app in the world. In 2019 she was invited as a special Master Speaker to showcase her “Chiaroscuro Brows” at the most prestigious Worldwide Eyebrow Festival, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This year, Ana Perrone attended as an invited international speaker at The Global Permanent PMU Conferences in Russia twice this year, these events were held in the cities of Moscow and Sochi.


Also in 2019 Ana Perrone was featured in the cover of three of the most prestigious Micropigmentation magazines in the world; at the English version of “Permanent Make Up” where she explains step by step how to achieve her “Chiaroscuro Brows” technique, and at “Silam Book Magazine” and “PMU International” where Ana talks about how her Microblading App has been helping over 15 thousand artists and students all over the world.

Highly rated amongst the top world masters, Ana is the only certified Swiss Color® International Microblading instructor in the United States which means She is currently allowed to teach microblading to existing teachers and trainers so they can become Swiss Color® trainers as well. 

Currently Ana is active at her medical spa in Miami Beach where she teaches groups an/or private classes and works on her celebrity clients while preparing for her newest international seminar in Buenos Aires, Argentina on December 2019. 

Ana is also the co-owner and co-founder of Miami Beach Microblading, which is the only medical spa in Miami offering Eyebrow Microblading & Microshading Swiss Color® training centre and service provider under medical supervision.

Next year Ana will be presenting her Marketing for PMU Artists seminar at the best PMU event in Nottingham, England. (Micropigmentation U.K.) and after that she is scheduled to teach a 3 day Color Theory & Microblading seminar in Lisbon, Portugal.

Her new Renaissance Brows technique also known as Combo Brows is a unique mix of all the styles she has learned and taught so far in her career to create the most natural looking eyebrows as of date by using different styles of drawing inspired by masters of the Renaissance art such as Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci & Masaccio. 

Miami Beach Microblading is the only medical spa in Miami offering Eyebrow Microblading & Microshading training and services using Phibrows and Biotek advanced method combined with Swiss Color pigments and international certificate plus proper numbing and hospitalar grade hygiene protocols. We are a medical office dedicated to eyebrow perfection.

Our mission is to provide our patients, clients and students and masters with the highest standard of services in the medical environment, following strict medical aseptic protocols in accordance with Florida Department of Health. Miami Beach Microblading works under the supervision of the medical director, board certified plastic surgeon.

Here, in Miami Beach Microblading we use only sterile disposable tools, special sterile Microblading pigments regulated under the German, Swiss and U.S.A. regulation, strictest in the world. Patients' safety and satisfaction is our priority.

We are the only medspa in Miami offering the famous Microblading + Botox combo and the only Microblading school in the country offering Swiss Color International basic and advanced certification for students and masters. 

Ana is a widely recognized expert in the eyebrow Microblading field in Miami who has published articles, videos and is currently working on her first eyebrow Microblading focused book in English and Portuguese with help of her father, Dr. Marcelo Perrone, plastic surgeon,PhD and chair member of the Brazilian society of plastic surgeons in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In Belgrade, Serbia, Ana went through an extensive and direct training with Phibrows Microblading founder, world renowned as the top eyebrow Microblading specialist and eyebrow guru, Branko Babic.

Combining human facial anatomy knowledge from her work with plastic surgeons in Brazil, The USA and Europe plus artistic training provided by Phibrows and other top eyebrow Microblading and permanent makeup schools, Ana makes sure to deliver amazing results and personalized service each and every time avoiding the famous “cookie cutter” eyebrows since everyone’s facial and hair line features are unique.

2019 has been a very busy year with the creation and launching of the new online courses by Ana Perrone for Swiss Color® Academy USA branch. Ana was also featured in the cover of 3 international PMU magazines (one in Brazil; "Silam Book Magazine", and 2 in Russia; "PMU Internatinal" and "Permanent Make Up"). Besides from being master speaker at the most prestigious eyebrow micropigmentation in the world this year (World Wide Eyebrows Festival in Rotterdam, Netherlands), Ana Perrone also was invited to be a master speaker on the subject of Microshading at 2 editions of the international event called Global Permanent PMU & Microblading Conferences in Sochi and Moscow, Russia.


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