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7 Myths About Microblading

Feb. 24, 2017

With so many self proclaimed eyebrow microblading gurus nowadays I get endless calls from other artists' patients asking me about my after care dos and don’ts recommendations. I understand their frustration and confusion because I see numerous aftercare "instructions" in different forums, on Facebook and other social media and in the articles and blogs of these artists. Their imagination runs wild sometimes and I don’t blame them; I see a lot of “Microblading schools and courses” teaching people all kinds of nonsense.

Seems like everyone has recently received a degree in dermatology.

Putting all jokes aside, I decided to write this article based on personal experience, trial and errors, online research, medical knowledge from the doctors I work and have been working closely with throughout 20 years, interviews with other doctors and of course, quality training from my microblading schools (Swiss Color, Phibrows and Biotek)

Without further ado I would like to invite you to please take the time to read these “Eyebrow Microblading Facts Vs Myths” in case either you decide to get your procedure done or if you are a newbie in the business, you can be better informed about this subject which seems to be confusing professionals and amateurs alike in discussion forums lately.

The Lucky 7 Common Eyebrow Microblading Myths (and counter facts to debunk them!):

Myth #1: Don’t get your eyebrows wet for several days after your procedure. 

Fact: eyebrows should be washed (lightly, think finger tips, softly, luke warm water and sensitive skin soap) as soon as you get home in order to remove any drying blood or lymph that might be oozing out of your cuts. The cuts should be kept clean and dry, they should be able to "breathe".

Myth #2: Use A&D ointment on eyebrows for healing.

Fact: A&D while very effective for machine (rotary, digital etc) tattooed eyebrows works horribly for pigment and color retention on microbladed eyebrows. Big no-no, unless you want your microbladed eyebrows to go away and never come back.

Myth #3: If your skin is oily it’s best to use the “dry healing” method.

Fact: while eyebrows should be kept moist with aftercare AFTER the cuts have fully healed into a dry scab! Even oily skin needs proper aftercare, as weird as this may sound; once a thin layer of aftercare balm is applied in the microbladed area it also helps to control the levels of oil coming out of the pores. Remember: oily skin usually has difficulty retaining color because the oil coming out of the pores pushes the pigment out, but if the skin is moisturized enough, then it won’t have the need to produce this extra oil to begin with, think “fight fire with fire”, yeah, kinda like that, trust me on this one; I have been suffering with extremely oily skin and big pores all of my life myself and now the only thing that controls my oily skin is actually adding oil rich moisturizers! Go figure!

Myth #4: I can go to the pool or the beach as long as I don’t get my head wet and use a hat during the first 7-10 days after the procedure and all will be well.

Fact: If you go to the pool, beach, or any “hot” place you will end up sweating. And remember: sweat pushes the pigment out of the skin, especially during these crucial first 7-10 days.

Myth #5: It’s only safe to do Microblading on the eyebrow area after the full effects of Botox have passed, which can take several months for some people.

Fact: My board certified plastic surgeons from Miami, FL, Beverly Hills, CA and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil tell me that microblading can be done 10 days after botox application.

Myth #6: Pre-numbing makes the skin texture different and impairs the successful outcome of your eyebrow microblading procedure. 

Fact: This is by far the worst myth, which even the greatest microblading masters in the world insist into swearing it into an absolute truth. According to my own personal experience doing microblading over 1000 (and counting!) pairs of eyebrows with anesthetic and according to every single dermatologist I’ve asked this is absolutely NOT true. So, newbies: go ahead and make your patient feel comfortably, numb before you start your beautiful work! And potential patient: don’t you fear! No pain is near!

Myth #7: If I am taking vitamin E, or blood thinners I shouldn’t get my eyebrow microbladed. Also I can’t use my retinoids or chemical peels after getting my brows micro bladed.

Fact: If you are prone to bleed more than usual be sure to tell your artist about it, so he or she may proceed with caution and a lighter hand to prevent bleeding. Bleeding interferes with a successful procedure because the blood pushes out the pigments. After your procedure you can put any cream, or do any treatment on your face as long as you avoid your eyebrow area; the rest of the face and neck is ok to apply.

Hopefully this article helped clear up a lot of confusion out there in the cyber world regarding correct and effective microblading eyebrows’ aftercare. Thank you for reading and until we meet again, have a wonderful day!

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