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Awesome Free Hack For Microblading Training!

July 17, 2020

Are you a Microblading or Machine PMU student or artist struggling with practicing hair strokes patterns?

It can be hard sometimes to start from scratch… so why not get all the FREE help you can get from experienced masters right here in the internet?

I happen to be one Microblading Instructor & Machine PMU Trainer who loves to help out my students and fellow artists! I am always looking for the next best thing to improve our services and I have found a neat little hack when it comes to perfect your hair strokes patterns training!

I have posted a small tutorial video now on Youtube explaining why you need this hack not only to practice the hair strokes patterns on paper, pre-drawn latex, dummy heads or live models, etc, but also to check the depth of your work!

How deep should microblading be? How many millilitres into the skin should the PMU, machine micropigmentation nano needle go when tattooing hair strokes?

These questions will be answered in this video which is a little over than 3 minutes long!

I hope you guys enjoy the video and please contact me if you would like to receive an extra bonus of FREE hair stroke patterns practice sheets for Microblading or Machine PMU work! 

This practice sheet is extremely rich and has 3 of the most common hair stroke patterns found in natural eyebrows. If you are already a trainer or instructor you can even add this sheet to your existing PMU or Microblading trainings! 

Now without further a due here is my PMU & Microblading training hack for hair strokes pattern and skin depth video using the transparent practice skin: 


Click here to watch and learn this awesome hack!!