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Cover Story: New Chiaroscuro Brows Technique by Ana Perrone (Permanent Makeup Magazine 16, 2019 )

Feb. 26, 2019

I would like to introduce to you fellow artists and masters the new exciting way to produce hyperrealistic 3D eyebrows. I have named this technique "Chiaroscuro Brows" which will be featured in the current English version of Permanent Make Up magazine which features me in the cover.

The knowledge to achieve the "Chiaroscuro Brows" look is now available to the Permanent Make Up magazine readers! My article in this magazine comes with fully illustrated easy to follow simple tips numbered in easy to learn steps so the artists or masters can wow their clients and students by combining old techniques from past Italian masters with today’s PMU technology. Inside the magazine the reader will also receive a DVD with video-school showing how to apply this method to live model with mature skin so, don’t miss this 16th edition of Permanent Make Up Magazine! Get yours now!

Here is a preview of my article inside the latest issue of Permanent Make Up magazine: "I found inspiration for this technique in the works of the great renaissance artist Caravaggio and his Chiaroscuro method (“dark/ light” in Italian), during my frequent educational trips to Italy. I go there at least once or twice every year. While visiting art museums and galleries in Rome, Florence, Milan and Naples, I was fascinated by his dominant style of darkening shadows and transfixing subjects in bright shafts of lights, by his expression of the human body parts that creates some amazing photo realistic effects.

This method is also know as Tenebrism, from the Italian word “tenebroso” which means “dark”, “gloomy” or “mysterious". I was so impressed by such perfectionism that I have decided to apply it to my own work. In order to achieve the most realistically looking eyebrows, It took me a few years of studying not only Caravaggio masterpieces but many other Renaissance Italian artists’ works. It can be done by combining microblading (manual method) with machine work (microshading).

While Microblading is suitable for making crisp-thin looking hair strokes, the pmu machine is perfect for a nice smooth soft pixel shading effect also known as Microshading dreating that light vs shadow look of real thick and thin eyebrow hairs mixing together and creating shadows at specific areas like the bottom of the and the tail of the eyebrow. By following simple steps and applying elements and principles of Renaissance art we can achive this look with different tools and pigments as shown in our step by step guide with illustrations bellow;"

You can read the full story and buy the magazine here