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Microblading and Botox

Feb. 25, 2017

Dr. Marcelo Perrone, Chair Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgeons, Professor at Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) and co-founder of Medspa Microblading School;

Ana Perrone, Swiss Color International Microblading Instructor & PMU Trainer, Phibrows Perfection & Biotek Artist, co-founder of Medspa Microblading School and creator of Microblading App by Ana Perrone.

Microblading and injectables

One of the myths about Microblading is that you cannot do it with injectables, like Botox, Dysport, even with fillers, like Juvederm and Restylane.

Well it's not true. First of all Microblading is the type of permanent makeup that applies pigment in the upper levels of dermis directly in the eyebrow hair growth area. If it is done by itself, Microblading can beautifully change the eyebrows' look by adding realistic hairlike strokes. Unfortunately it addresses neither the problem of the sagging skin nor the wrinkles.

It goes without saying that FDA approved onabotolinumtoxin A (aka Botox), or adobotolinumtoxin A (aka Dysport) are one of the most efficient methods not only to fight forehead and eye wrinkles, remove frown lines but also neutralize the effect "droopy" eyes. With time skin collagen looses its firmness, the skin becomes looser and the skin around eyebrow arch "drops" down under the forces of gravity.
Solution? There are two main ones: surgical (eyebrow lift surgery) or non-surgical: a qualified professional uses Botox/Dysport injections to help to achieve results of a fresh younger look.

With Microblading, again done by highly skilled artists only, this combination with Botox/Dysport creates truly amazing transforming results.
And the best results are achieved when those two procedures go together, without a big gap in time between both procedures.
So the question is: when Microblading can be done after Botox? Most of the plastic surgeons, dermatologists agree that 2 weeks is a safe period to wait before getting Microblading done after Botox injections (of course, if there are no complications). It's the time when the injected substances reached its full effect on the facial muscles.

But there is an even better solution: if Microblading is done first, there is minimal risk to inject botulinumtoxin A right after or on the next day.
Why? First, Because the injections are done in the area either above the eyebrow line or on the sides. Second, Microblading (if done correctly by the experienced artist) is the treatment that places pigment in the upper levels of skin, while Botox and Dysport are injected into the muscles, that are under the skin, under the dermis.

Besides from positive effects of doing Microblading and injectables together, we would like to mention about after care. Microblading requires certain care and lifestyle for the weeks following initial procedure: avoid touching, scratching, prevent activity that can cause sweating, keep the area clean and dry (water, soap and oxygen)  to prevent accidental infection, etc. Most of these microblading after care demands also apply to injections. The bolulinumtoxins A (Botox) help to limit facial muscles contractions, prevent frowning while most doctors recommend the patient not to lay down or lower their heads for at least four hours after Botox application which can be beneficial to Microblading proper healing as well.

Our expert recommendation? If you are planing to do Microblading, but still hesitating of doing it after or together with Botox, don't be. Much more important is to do both in the licensed medical office under the doctor supervision and with a higly skilled artist.

Here in our Miami Beach office we make sure all Microblading clients fill out an extensive consent form indicating if they have had Botox injected to the eyebrow/ forehead area and when, so our artist and doctor can go over the consent form with the client and discuss when is the best time to get their eyebrows microbladed.

Make sure to do your research before getting any kind of procedure done, especially if it involves injections of any kind (Botox, pigments, fillers, etc). 

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