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Microblading: Healing and Aftercare

June 29, 2017

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This article is not our usual one.There are a lot of discussions about microblading vs permanent makeup. Some microblading strokes disappear, merge, change the color to purple or pink. There are many explanations:

- younger people have higher rate of metabolism, therefore microblading shows better results in older people;

- microblading is not recommended for the blondes with lighter skin;

- skin undertone influence;

- no matter what is done by the artist, the  hairs trokes will stay only for a few weeks, after that they will vanish or merge

etc, etc, etc

So we've decided to present to you the most difficult case: young lady who has oily skin and works outside all day at a pool bar in Miami. 

Our point is: in the hand of a very experienced and skilled artist, who is capable to choose the right microblading method, pigments, tools, who does the nice artwork, and by the patient using the right aftercare products and methods, following all the medical protocols and materials; even in the most challenging conditions - the results will be beautiful and natural!

Below are the pictures taken at different times, they were not "photoshopped". Last one is taken 8 months after the initial microblading procedure. Last two images are made in macro mode for you to be able to study every tiny detail. We expose everything. Please note, that I intentionally used a higher resolution, so it will take a little longer for the pistures to download than for the ones from our regular Lo-Res gallery.

Pictures speak louder than a thousand words.

I would appreciate comments and remarks from anyone.

Ana Perrone

Before, with client's own makeup (it gave me an idea, how she envision her ideal eyebrow image, I ALWAYS take this into consideration):

Before, without makeup (makeup was wiped out for this image):


Right after initial microblading

After 1 month, healed

After touchup

Final result after 8 months


After 8 months