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7 Myths: Microblading Training

Nov. 15, 2020

Here we are debunking 7 myths related to Microblading Training

1. How do I get certified in Microblading?
2. Is it hard to learn Microblading?
3. Can I make good money with Microblading?
4. Do you have to be a cosmetologist to do Microblading?
5. Is Microblading still in high demand and is it still worth do learn?
6. Is it difficult to get clientele right after finishing Microblading classes?
7. Should I start with social media after I finish Microblading training?

When choosing a PMU course a lot of questions should be asked and the prospect student should have all this information in order to make a decision. 

We, at Miami Beach Microblading, are the only branch in the Americas where the student can train to become an artist or trainer branded by the international PMU giant Swiss Color®

Either you decide to train with us or not, we would like to help all fellow and inspiring artists in their Microblading journey.

This time we are targeting the Microblading Training’s facts vs. fiction:

Myth number 1 - Getting a Microblading Certification is not for everyone, you need a lot of money to invest in this career.


This is not necessarily true. 

Comparing to other careers where you get way less for your investment, you can get a lot more revenue for the money invested in your Microblading training.

When investing on yourself, there are many options price wise but not always the cheapest option is the best.

And this is not only with Microblading but in any career really?


For example:

What costs more? A Harvard Law diploma or a Law School certification from ABC community college?

You may argue that the student can become a lawyer either way no matter what school he or she choses, but most likely the Harvard student’s resume will be better accepted. 

The same notion can be applied to Microblading; sure you can go to ABC lash salon next door for a quarter of the price and become certified in Microblading.

But he or she probably won’t be able to charge the same prices as an international branded artist since nowadays because of google and social media clients are more educated and informed about products and brands. 

It’s been proven that clients will spend more to purchase Chanel makeup instead of dollar store brand and the same goes for PMU and Microblading pigments.

A Swiss Color® branded Microblading artist makes an average of $500 to $800 per client. 

This means If the artist is charging on the low end, he or she can make up for the cost of the course already after working on 5 clients.

Myth number 2 - Microblading is hard, maybe I should just learn Ombre instead…


Becoming certified in Microblading or Ombre brows or any other type of cosmetic tattooing on the face does NOT happen in a weekend, week, month, or even months course. 

It is a continuing education career where the artist must always be searching for new knowledge.

I have been a trainer and instructor for over 5 years now and I still find time to learn new things here and there between clients and trainings. 

A real qualified eyebrow artist must not be a “one trick pony” he or she must master at least 3 types of eyebrows techniques: hair strokes (Microblading, being that manual or machine method), shading and “combo” (hairs + shading placed at specific locations on the eyebrow to give the ultimate hyperrealistic 3D look).

Combo is the most widely used by the artists  worldwide  today for men and women eyebrows. 

“Wait, men?” Yes! Men are starting to need this service more and more, because people need eyebrows to look normal! Do you believe that  an Ombre powder brows is going to look good on a very masculine person? 

We have a lot of business from male clients who are rejected by the “Ombre Powder Brows” only artists and so could you!

At our Swiss Color® USA branch we offer 2 or more days live training with a one year support and access to our online modules which are constantly being updated to keep up with the new trends and scientific research.

Why is Ombre brows training being pushed so hard by “ABC Salon & Academies” now? Because it is “easier” to learn. They offer a free $40 machine from China too which they rebrand and try to sell for $200 or more on their websites so their students think they have a great deal by paying $1500 for a weekend course which includes a cheap machine, cheap and unsafe pigments plus teaches an “easy” way to make money by “coloring by numbers” eyebrows on women faces only.

When searching Google or even in social media you can see all Ombre Brows “ABC Salon & Academies” trainers have the same pattern:  they the word “Microblading” to promote their business when trying to find student for Ombré brows... This is a marketing tactic we will discuss in the next myth busted here in this article: they use the “Microblading” word to promote their training because “Ombre Brows” by itself is not popular in Google.  

If you are going to be trained only in Ombre you better know how to market yourself, because using  the word “Ombre” or “Powder” or even “Nanobrows” only for online marketing will not get you clients.

A lot of students and clients ask me “who should not get Microblading?

My answer is: Anyone who is looking to save money and not doing their research because at the end of the day this is a tattoo on the face! It may or may not fade…so best not take any chances, look at pictures, read the reviews and book a consultation before deciding on anything. 

Another question also frequently asked is “How long does it take to get good at Microblading?”

There is no wrong or right answer to this question. Each person learns at their own pace. 

I see PMU artists’ works that are so so, and these artists have been in business for 20, 30 or even 40 years! However, I see the novice artists with a few months of experience and already producing amazing stunning results! The secret is to never stop learning and updating your art. You can do something for 30 years, but if you don’t update your technique and you were taught poorly initially, your work will never get better by itself just from the practice alone. 

A combination of proper training and lots and lots of practice is the winning formula in this industry.

Myth number 3: I will make good money from Microblading and or Ombre Brows etc because my trainer posted the numbers in her website…


We have been asked this question a lot: 

Can you make good money from Microblading?”

Well, I can tell you to re-read Myth number 1 about this subject. Remember the example from the Harvard and ABC community college law school graduate?

Another analogy in this case can be used with cars too; you can buy a Mercedes but if you don’t learn how to drive, the guy next door with a Honda will get to the destination quicker than you!

If you are motivated, willing to continue training and to practice every day, knowledge hungry, listen and follow instructions, ask questions; then you will be successful both in art and the business of Microblading. All of these virtues are a great start to succeed not only in Microblading but in any career. 

Another question that is also very often asked by prospect students is “How much do Microblading artists make a year?”

Again, this depends on the artist and qualification.

 I’ve seen solo artists jump from making $40k to $90k in just one year. Yes it is possible. But these people are the ones who always taking new classes, investing in new marketing and injecting most of their profits back into business.

Heard of the phrase “you need to spend money to make money?”. Yes, unfortunately money does not grow on trees and there is no magic formula., No trainer or school will do the work for you. N matter how many fake promises they feed you.

Myth number 4: You have to be a cosmetologist to do Microblading


This one is a myth…at least for those in the state of Florida…


You see every county, city, state, country has their own laws according to who can and who cannot perform Microblading.

People ask me “Can I do Microblading from home?”

And in most states in USA the answer is no.

Here in Florida you will need to have a “tattoo license” and your place of work will need to have a “tattoo establishment license”. Also expect to be inspected every year to maintain the place of business’ “licensable”, either you work at a salon, tattoo parlor or even inside a medical office…

How much does that cost? Well, here in Miami-Dade county we pay $60 per year for each artist license and $200 per year for the establishment license. 

These laws do change from time to time. It is not a bad idea to always stay informed and updated by checking the requirements with your local health authorities from time to time. 

In our live Microblading courses inside our Medspa in Miami we teach the students how to get their Florida licenses in more detail. It is not that hard. 

Myth number 5: Microblading is not in a high demand as it is used to be.

“Newer” types of eyebrow permanent makeup are more popular now, like Ombré machine brows.

Wrong. We turn to the best source regarding popularity: Google. Google has the tool called Keyword Planner Tool that shows how many searches that or this term is conducted every month.

What does it show? It shows what the real potential clients are looking for most:

 Ombre brows 40,500 
 Powder brows 74,000
 Microblading 1,000,000

 Ombre brows 14,800
 Powder brows 18,000
 Microblading 301,000

As you can see the difference is huge! Microblading is by far the most “searched after” treatment in the permanent makeup industry.


Myth number 6: I am not so sure that after a Microblading training I will be able to market myself successfully. It will take me years or maybe never to be shown on Google first page.

Well it depends. You don’t have to be shown on the first page of Google organic search.

Recently Google leans more and more towards so-called local search. Try to search “Microblading near me”, you will see the little map with top 3 businesses there.

Then if you repeat the exact same search but from a different location, let’s say 5 miles away, the results will be completely different.

Why? Google gives a priority to Proximity - how far is the searcher from the target business.

If the searcher is close to your salon or spa - you always will come as number 1-3.

The trick is to be in top 3 on as wide area of your city as possible. Then you will enjoys tons of clients traffic for free. But in the beginning, just get yourself a descent and fast loading website, open an account with Google My Business at

Add yourself to Apple Maps - and someone will find you. For free. Just make sure you are optimized for the magic keyword “Microblading”.

If you willing to “rule” your city - and spend some extra efforts, time and affordable budget - you can contact our marketing department or read the starting online marketing course for PMU artists, and another: Local SEO course for PMU artists on


Myth number 7: The most important business activity after Microblading training is to start to market yourself on Social Media, like Facebook and Instagram.

This is one of the most misleading myths that hurt a lot of starting permanent makeup and Microblading students in the beginning of their career.
 The most important first step is to practice right after you finish your classes. A lot. I mean it: a lot!

Not only you start to master your skills, and your eyebrow patterns, shaping, hair strokes become aesthetically pleasing and appealing for your potential future clientele. You also start building a portfolio and before and after pictures collection.

But don’t rush and post it on social media. You won’t get any business from it.

All you will get (maybe): nice or not so nice opinions from the fellow artists. Instead - use them to two places at first: your new website and your Google My business account.

Those are two main channels where the customers are looking for the permanent makeup treatment. And if you are talented and your work is good enough, website and google my business listing are the best place to present yourself and your work.

Then you will start getting the clients. And believe me, it may be a little scary in the beginning, but after a few weeks, you will learn how to post regularly and you will start enjoying your first income.

You will obtain the confidence and some knowledge to start writing your first blog or articles.

Good written content, good pictures - will bring your initial clientele, and Google will notice this activity and will start ranking your higher and at a wider area around your estabilishment. 

Watch our video on this subject