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Marketing for Microblading & PMU Training

July 5, 2020

Are you a PMU and or a Microblading artist struggling to get noticed by potential clients?

Is all the money spent in Facebook, Google ads and Groupon a huge waste that almost bankrupt your business?

Are you tired of spending your hard earned cash into website builders and so-called marketing gurus you find advertising in Facebook groups?


We want to share our success with you, no strings attached, you don’t even have to be an existing student of ours!

Now for a limited time only we are offering our business (life) saving, groundbreaking online Marketing course with lifetime access for just $39.00! 

But are you worried your $39.00 will be another waste of money and time?

Read our reviews and you will see that this dummy-proof simple to understand online course has been changing lives already all over the world.

The world? Yes, the world! We have students from Canada, the UK and even from Australia enjoying the benefits of DIY marketing strategies and getting more clients because of the knowledge they’ve acquired from our education.


Still sceptical thinking our online marketing course will not help you? Let’s make a DEAL


We will give you a HALF OFF code for up to one week access to this course!


That’s right, DIY and take your Microblading, PMU or even other beauty service business to the top by taking advantage of our online marketing education for $19.50!


On top of it you will even get a chatbot for your website. 

Too good to be true? 

There is absolutely no catch here, no need to enter credit card nor banking information. 


All you have to do is go to and choose the “Marketing Basics for Microblading And PMU Business” (make sure to choose the correct course, we have more than 4 courses in the same portal). After registering to this online class all you have to do is click on “I have a CODE” and enter the code PMUtips and get ready to learn how to get more clients!


We have decided to share this education for half the price with our fellow Microblading artists not only from Miami but from all over the English speaking world in an effort to help businesses get back on track after the COVID 19 shut downs. Remember: we are all in this together!